Omnipod Silicone Protective Gel Covers.  Protect your Omnipod PDM and DASH.

Omnipod Silicone Protective Gel Covers

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      Protection for your insulin pump is here. No more worrying about dropping your device when you can protect it with our Omnipod® Insulin Pump Gel Skin Covers. The soft silicone covers help protect against bumps and falls and come in lots of great colors. Having a silicone insulin pump cover in your favorite color will brighten your day each time you pull it out! 

      Insulin pumps are essential accessories for many people living with diabetes. Although they help keep diabetes in check, managing them may not be always easy. This is where our Insulin Pump Gel Skin Covers can help. You can use them to protect your Omnipod® insulin pumps in style!

      Offered in several eye-catching colors, these Insulin Pump Gel Skin Covers are sure to brighten your day with their lightweight, stylish, yet functional designs. Many people are skeptical of carrying their insulin pumps during outdoor activities fearing their safety. The covers that you find here are designed to protect pumps from damage caused during fall. So, you can be assured of the safety of your pumps while enjoying your outdoor lifestyle and flaunting your style with confidence!

      At Sugar Medical, we adopt a 100% safety approach, and this has inspired us to design these colorful pump covers. Safety is deeply ingrained in all our designs as we care for your health, diabetes accessories, and above – all your, wellbeing and style! You can get in touch with our team with any questions on these Insulin Pump Gel Skin Covers or other diabetes purses, cases, or accessories. Just email us at