Insulin Vial Protective Silicone Sleeve. Protect your insulin bottle with our silicone case / cover.  Available in different colors.

Insulin Vial Protective Silicone Sleeve

      Keep your insulin vials safe in our high-impact silicone protective sleeve.  Reusable and easy to put on!  Just slip the vial through the square cut-out on the side.  The top of the vial is uncovered so you can easily fill a syringe or insulin pump reservoir without removing the silicone protector. Keep insulin safe for travel and home. Great to protect Humalog, Fiasp, Novolog, Vetsulin, NPH, Levemir, Novolin, NovoRapid, Semglee, Lyumjev, Caninsulin, and Tresiba vials. Works with other medications too, just email us to see if your medication fits at