Tandem Diabetes Supply Cases

Tandem Supply Cases

NEW! We are excited to partner with Tandem Diabetes Care to offer a line of diabetes cases and diabetes bags that work with Tandem's insulin pump supplies and glucose testing supplies. Stay organized with your t:slim pump!

      11 products

      11 products

      We are excited to launch a collection of Tandem Diabetes Supply Cases made in partnership with Tandem Diabetes Care. Soft sided diabetes bag holds all of your glucose testing supplies, along with your Tandem infusion set change in the back pocket. Need to carry a bulky Dexcom sensor? This is the perfect diabetes supply case for you!  The back pocket expands to hold one Dexcom sensor inserter, along with one Tandem infusion set.  This great case also features our Test Strip Trash Can for all those pesky used test strips. Easily slip used test strips into the metal eyelet and the test strip goes into the secret pocket that holds up to 400 test strips! Our Tandem Diabetes Supply Case is made of premium nylon that easily wipes clean.  Trust us, you will love this Tandem Diabetes Supply Bag!