Tandem Silicone Gel Protective Covers. Protect your Tandem t:slim insullin pump with our case. Designed in partnership with Tandem Diabetes Care.

Tandem Silicone Gel Protective Cover

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      Protect Your Tandem Insulin Pump

      Your Tandem t:slim insulin pump now enjoys the protection it deserves, thanks to our specialized Insulin Pump Gel Skin Covers. Say goodbye to the constant worry of accidental drops or mishaps, as these soft silicone covers are designed to provide reliable defense against bumps and falls. With a delightful array of vibrant colors to choose from, having a silicone insulin pump cover in your favorite shade is sure to bring a daily dose of cheer to your diabetes routine. Tandem® insulin pumps are indispensable companions for many individuals managing diabetes, and while they play a vital role in keeping diabetes in check, their day-to-day management can be challenging. Sugar Medical's Insulin Pump Gel Skin Covers step in to make life easier, ensuring not only the safety but also the style of your Tandem® insulin pump.


      Available in a spectrum of eye-catching colors, these Tandem Gel Skin Covers are:

      • lightweight
      • provide protection
      • exceptionally functional

       They are designed not only to protect your pump but also to reflect your personal style. For those who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle but worry about their pump's safety, these covers offer peace of mind by shielding your device from potential damage during falls or accidents. At Sugar Medical, our 100% safety approach is woven into the fabric of all our designs. We prioritize your health, the functionality of your diabetes accessories, and, above all, your well-being and personal style. For any queries about these Insulin Pump Gel Skin Covers or other diabetes purses, cases, or accessories, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at customerservice@sugarmedical.com.