Omnipod Diabetes Supply Cases

Omnipod Cases

We are proud to offer, since 2013, a great line of Omnipod® products made just for Podders® and their pump supplies.

      20 products

      20 products

      Omnipod® users, we have you covered! Our cases are designed in partnership with Omnipod® exclusively and are made to carry the Omnipod®5 System and Omnipod DASH® insulin pumps systems. Know with confidence your insulin pump supplies will be protected and organized.

      Our collection of Omnipod® bags and cases are aimed to keep you organized and have all your daily supplies in one place.  The bags all have room to carry an extra pod along with a charging cables and plug with your PDM, diabetes test strips, and finger lancing device. Why carry multiple bags when you can have everything a diabetic needs at your finger tips. Our various sized diabetes kits can take you from a day at school or work to a two week long vacation.  Shop all our bags to choose the perfect size for you.

      How do you protect your Omnipod 5 screen? Well, we have the answer with our super durable glass screen protector. Made from real glass, this will not scratch easily and takes away the worry of possibly breaking the screen of your Omnipod 5.