Protection for your insulin and insulin pump is here. The soft silicone covers help protect against bumps and falls and come in lots of great colors.

Silicone Cases

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      Sugar Medical's array of protective silicone Gel Skin Covers stands as a testament to their commitment to enhancing the lives of those managing diabetes. These covers are meticulously designed to safeguard insulin pumps from both Tandem and Medtronic, ensuring the protection of these vital devices. Furthermore, they offer device covers specifically tailored to the Omnipod 5 Insulin Pump's controller. These soft and flexible silicone covers not only provide a cushion against the inevitable bumps and falls but also introduce an element of style and personalization to diabetes management. With a vibrant selection of colors and designs, Sugar Medical's covers allow users to choose their favorite shade, adding a pop of individuality to their daily routines. These protective covers exemplify Sugar Medical's dedication to making diabetes care more practical, fashionable, and personal.