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We recommend you spot clean with a damp cloth.  Many customers have told us they use a fabric protector like Scotch Guard™ to protect their bags prior to use.

Yes, Sugar Medical designed in partnership with Tandem Diabetes Care a Tandem Supply Case. The Tandem Supply Case fits: glucose testing supplies, insulin, cartridges, syringes, and 1-2 infusion set changes and one Dexcom Sensor.

Yes, the Omnipod Supply Case fits all your Omnipod supplies including: PDM, extra pod, glucose meter, test strips, insulin vial, lancet, and more.

Yes, we sell Nordic Ice Packs. Nordic ice packs are available in three sizes: Small 3oz, Medium 8oz and Large 12oz. Please refer to each product listing to see what size Nordic Ice Pack fits best in your diabetes supply case.

Activation Instructions

1. Immerse the inner pouch, containing crystals, in cold water.

2. Soak for the relevant time for the size wallet you have purchased as follows:

  • Mini/Individual/Duo/Pump: 5-8 minutes
  • Extra Small/Small: 5-10 minutes
  • Large: 5-12 minutes
  • Extra Large: 8-12 minutes

Note:  These times are estimates – We suggest that you remove your FRIO® from the water when the gel tubes are approximately 3/4 full.  Next, follow steps 3 and 4.  Step 5 states to place your medication in the wallet.  At his point (with the medication inside), the gel tubes should be firm – not rigid. 

If, after step 4, the FRIO®  needs additional soaking because it is too soft, re-place it in the water for about one minute.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary.  Never force your medication or pump into the wallet.  If you need to force the medication or pump in, you have over-soaked the wallet.  If this occurs, follow the directions for drying out the wallet.  When the crystals evaporate sufficiently, you will be able to fit your medication or pump inside.

3. Gently spread the crystals evenly through the pouch. The gel formed should fill the panels but should not expand to the point where the panels become rigid. The activated pouch should remain pliable.

4. Gently towel the pouch dry. The panels will continue to expand slightly after removing from the water.

5. Place medication in the activated pouch and then place the activated pouch in outer Cambrelle cover.

The FRIO® inner pouch should be re-immersed in water when the quantity of gel reduces, and gel starts to return to its crystal
form, i.e., crystals can be felt in the panels. When in continuous use, succeeding immersion periods will be shorter, i.e., 3-4 minutes, as the crystals are always in gel form. It is extremely important that the correct amount of water is absorbed during immersion because over-soaking causes the wallet to become too swollen to be used! Should this occur, the wallet must be allowed to dry naturally until it returns to a usable size.


FRIO®s need to breathe. They work by evaporation and need to be in contact with the air. The Cambrelle (outer) cover allows this to happen enhancing the stability of the pouch’s temperature. Carrying in hand luggage or in a pocket is satisfactory.

Please Note: Care should be taken when towel drying your FRIO® pouch after immersion in water, as there might be some slight color loss from the fabric of brightly colored pouches.

The FRIO®, with medication, can be placed in a refrigerator. DO NOT place the FRIO® in a freezer as the fabric may become damaged due to moisture in the gel causing it to stick to the freezer shelving.

We carry Insulated Diabetes Cases and Bags that will keep your insulin cool with a Nordic Ice Pack when you travel. The Frio insulin cooling cases and VIVI CAP multi-insulin pen thermal carrying case are also great options.

The Sugar Medical Diabetes Medical Dry Bag is a waterproof bag that will keep your medical supplies safe and dry. It's designed to withstand any environment and safely transport your medical essentials.

Yes, the TickleFLEX attaches to the end of your insulin pen and allows you to use it in the normal way. TickleFLEX hides the needle as it breaks the skin, reducing stress for those with needle phobia. TickleFLEX has a large pad area
that acts like a snow shoe and prevents the needle going in too deep.

No, PumpPOPS are just for FUN and add a little color to your pod.

Yes, our Freestyle Libre Gel Skins offer the perfect protection and grip for important blood sugar checks. Compatible for use with FreeStyle Libre and Libre 2.

Podpal questions

Right here on our website. Sugar Medical is only company that sells Podpal® - Omnipod® Adhesive Overlays patches. They are priced at $9.99 for a box of 10.

Omnipod® manufactures the podpals. Sugar Medical partners with Omnipod® to sell them.

Yes, Omnipod® makes a product called Podpals. PodPals® are adhesive overlay accessories designed by the makers of Omnipod®. Ideal for active users, PodPals are flexible and can be worn with the Pod for extra support during life’s many activities. PodPals are great for water activities. PodPals are thoroughly tested and validated for use with the Pod and are also registered as a Class I medical device. PodPals are optimized for use with both the Omnipod® Insulin Management System and the Omnipod DASH® System for the user’s convenience.

If you have any questions or require additional support for PodPals™ please call the Omnipod® team anytime at 1-800-591-3455 or visit

No, PodPals® are non-refundable and therefore, we cannot accept returns for reimbursement. If you have any questions or require additional support for PodPals® please call the Omnipod® team anytime at 800-591-3455 or visit

Podpals are not covered by insurance, but if you have private insurance which has an HSA or FSA account depending on your policy some items may be covered by those two accounts.


No, we do not sell Tandem adhesives.

Insulin Pump protection

Gel skins provide the perfect protection from falls and give additional grip for lifesaving, yet slippery, devices like PDM’s. We make gel skins to fit the Omnipod® 5 and Omnipod® Dash.

Gel skins provide the perfect protection and additional grip to keep your pump safe from falls. Our Medtronic Gel Skin are compatible for use with MiniMed™ 630G, MiniMed™ 640G, MiniMed™ 670G,  MiniMed™ 770G and MiniMed™ 780G insulin pumps.

Our Tandem Gel Skin provides optimal protection. Grip to prevent from dropping the slippery devices. If you do happen to drop your pump, the cover protects against scratches and damage. Designed in partnership with Tandem Diabetes Care.

If you have more questions, Just Ask!

Email or call customerservice@sugarmedical.com1-888-522-2545