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About Us

We want to create products that will inspire you to carry your daily supplies without hesitation. Our vision is to bring style and quality into the lives of people living with diabetes and simplify daily management routines.

Designing Since 2009

At age 13, Founder, Carolyn Jäger, identified a need for something more attractive than “the black medical bag” that comes with every glucometer. In 2009, after years with no other options in the marketplace, Carolyn started designing cases from her basement with her two sons underfoot. A year later, she launched Sugar Medical and introduced her first supply case in 5 colors!


100+ Designs and Growing

Today, Sugar Medical one of the largest diabetic accessory companies in the country and proudly, still woman-owned. We specialize in supply cases, purses, backpacks, travel bags and accessories that are available worldwide, via sugarmedical.com and through our international partners. We have created over 100 fashionable designs and will continue to develop new and exciting products that are both durable and practical for daily life with diabetes.

Durable Fabrics
Unique Patterns
Attention to Detail
Our Mission

Our Mission

To encourage people to stay healthy, motivated and in control of diabetes. Better management leads to better health outcomes for each customer.

Giving Back

Sugar Medical gives back to the diabetes community by donating yearly to the JDRF, Beyond Type 1, and The Diabetes Link. We also participate in walks and benefits hosted by the JDRF and ADA and have donated 5000 bags to the JDRF’s Bag of Hope. In 2022 we launched an annual program that donates $1.5K to four diabetes camps for kids across the country. And in our local community here in Midlothian, VA, we donate to Chesterfield County Food Bank and local High School sports programs.


We are honored to be working in partnership with other brands that simplify life with diabetes! Since 2013 we have worked with Insulet Corporation, designing cases and accessories exclusively for the Omnipod® Insulin Management System. In 2020, we partnered with Tandem Diabetes Care to develop cases for the t:slim insulin pump. In 2021, we began collaborating with SPIbelt® and Pump Peelz to offer special designs solely for Sugar Medical. As we grow, we look forward to building relationships with companies in the diabetes community that have developed unique products for those living with diabetes and support a healthy lifestyle.

Our History

2009 - First mockups hand sewn with my mom

2010 - First production of 5 supply cases launched on sugarmedical.com

2013 - Licensing agreement created with Insulet Corporation to develop accessories for the Omnipod® Insulin Management System

2014 – Launched first line of Silicone gel covers for devices

2017 – Expanded our line of accessories with travel bags and backpacks

2018 - Donated 5000 bags to the JDRF’s Bag of Hope given at diagnosis

2020 - Partnered with Tandem Diabetes Care to develop silicone gel covers and supply cases for the Tandem t:slim X2 pump

2021 - Partnered with SPIbelt® to design exclusive diabetes waist belts

2023 - 100,000 customer orders (and counting!)

About Carolyn

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at age 13, but I had been living in a household with T1D since I was eight, when a family member was diagnosed. I was familiar with the glucose monitors, needles, and tears, which only made the news of my diagnosis more devastating. I knew enough to be scared and upset that I too would now have to give myself shots for the rest of my life.  Read more.

Carolyn Jager

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