Diabetes supply triple zip insulated purse lifestyle image in chloe.  Banner of women holding black diabetes supply purse.

Diabetes Supply Purses: Stylish & Functional


      Purse Style Diabetic Bags

      Efficiently manage diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 with Sugar Medical's Diabetes Purses, designed for on-the-go diabetes supply organization. Stylishly crafted, these purpose-built bags transcend regular totes, providing convenience and organization for diabetes supplies.

      Diabetes Supply Bag Types

      Our collection includes the Diabetes Triple Zip Purse and Diabetes Crossbody Supply Case, catering to different diabetes management needs. Seamlessly integrating into daily life, these bags offer specialized compartments for insulin, glucose meters, and more, aligning with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes management requirements.

      • Embrace convenience and style with the Diabetes Triple Zip Purse, featuring insulated pockets, Velcro-secured glucose meter placement, and elastic loops for test strips. Notably, it includes a test strip trash can for easy disposal.
      • For versatile storage, the Diabetes Crossbody Supply Case accommodates insulin pens, test strips, and pump supplies for Medtronic, Tandem and even Omnipod Insulin Pump Systems. Its crossbody design ensures accessibility and security.

      Elevate diabetes management with Sugar Medical's stylish Diabetes Purses, tailored for those who seek efficient organization in their diabetes journey.