Tandem Covers.  Protect your device from drops and falls with a silicone cover. Provides additional grip for these important, yet sometimes slippery devices! Select your favorite color today.  Designed in partnership with Tandem Diabetes Care.

Tandem Products

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      Sugar Medical proudly offers a unique line of Tandem diabetes supply bags and silicone gel skin covers, exclusively available on our platform. This exclusivity is the result of our licensing partnership with Tandem Diabetes Care, a partnership that symbolizes our shared commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals managing diabetes. These custom-designed supply bags and covers are thoughtfully tailored to accommodate Tandem's insulin pumps and related accessories, ensuring a perfect fit and protection for your essential diabetes equipment.


      These exclusive Tandem products are more than just functional; they are also fashion-forward. The variety of designs, styles, and colors available in our Tandem line allows you to express your personality and match your diabetes gear to your personal taste. With Sugar Medical's exclusive Tandem diabetes supply bags and silicone gel skin covers, you're not only investing in top-quality products but also making a style statement that reflects your unique identity as you confidently navigate your diabetes journey. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to offering practical, stylish, and innovative solutions that empower individuals with diabetes, making life just a little bit easier and more enjoyable.