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NEW! We are excited to partner with Tandem Diabetes Care to offer a line of diabetes cases and diabetes bags that work with Tandem's insulin pump supplies and glucose testing supplies. Stay organized with your t:slim pump!

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      We're thrilled to introduce a collection of Tandem Diabetes Supply Cases, a product of our dynamic partnership with Tandem Diabetes Care. These soft-sided diabetes bags are designed to keep all your glucose testing supplies organized, with a thoughtful touch for Tandem insulin pump users. The back pocket is tailor-made to hold your Tandem infusion set change, ensuring you have everything you need in one place. Even if you need to carry a bulky Dexcom sensor, this case has you covered. The back pocket expands to effortlessly accommodate one Dexcom sensor inserter and one Tandem infusion set, streamlining your diabetes supply management.

      What sets this case apart is the inclusion of our innovative Test Strip Trash Can. For those used and pesky test strips, you can effortlessly slide them into the metal eyelet, where they discreetly go into a concealed pocket capable of holding up to 400 test strips. Crafted from premium nylon that is both durable and easy to clean, our Tandem Diabetes Supply Case is a must-have accessory for anyone managing diabetes. The inception of this kit is a testament to the collaborative spirit of our licensing partnership with Tandem Diabetes Care, aimed at making diabetes management more organized and user-friendly. We're confident that you'll find this Tandem Diabetes Supply Bag a valuable addition to your diabetes care routine.