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      Carrying diabetes essentials is not always an easy task. They need to be stored safely, and regular backpacks and tote bags don’t commonly offer the best solutions. This is why Diabetes Purses from Sugar Medical standout. These purses are convenient to carry and come in many different design options to fit your style. Our collection features Diabetes Triple Zip Purses and Diabetes Crossbody Supply Cases.

      The Diabetes Triple Zip Purse offers an insulated pocket for medications, like insulin. It can secure your glucose meter with a Velcro patch for easy testing. Elastic loops throughout hold lancing devices and your test trips. There is a pocket for storing glucose tabs/insulin pens/pump supplies, etc. and a front pocket for alcohol swabs, medical ID cards, and more. This diabetes purse also features a test strip trashcan that can hold up to 400+ used strips, which is amazing by the way!

      The Diabetes Crossbody Supply Case gives plenty of pockets and elastic loops for storing insulin pens, test strips, glucose meter, lancets, or pump supplies for Medtronic, Tandem and even Omnipod Insulin Pump System.