Omnipod Diabetes Supply Cases

Omnipod Cases

We are proud to offer, since 2013, a great line of Omnipod® products made just for Podders® and their pump supplies.

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      Sugar Medical has partnered with Omnipod® to offer exclusive, specialized cases designed to carry the Omnipod®5 System and Omnipod DASH® insulin pump systems, ensuring that Omnipod® users have a dedicated solution for their unique needs. These cases provide a confident and organized way to protect your insulin pump supplies. Our extensive collection of Omnipod® bags and cases is purposefully crafted to help you maintain order and keep all your daily essentials in one place, streamlining your diabetes management.

       In addition to ample storage space for your Omnipod and essential accessories, our bags are designed to carry extra pods, charging cables, PDM, diabetes test strips, finger lancing devices, and more. This eliminates the need for multiple bags and keeps everything a person with diabetes requires at their fingertips. Sugar Medical offers a range of sizes to accommodate various scenarios, from a regular day at school or work to extended two-week vacations. Moreover, to protect your Omnipod 5 screen, we provide an incredibly durable glass screen protector, crafted from real glass, ensuring it won't easily scratch and alleviating concerns about potential screen damage. This comprehensive approach to diabetes accessories, developed through our partnership with Omnipod®, empowers individuals to manage their diabetes confidently and conveniently.