Why We Think Sugar Medical’s Diabetes Supply Cases and Bags Are Amazing?

Many people love to travel. Planning of where to go, what to do, and whose going can be fun and exciting. Although travel planning in 2020 is quite different than it has been in the past, the one thing that has not changed for people with diabetes is the fear of packing their diabetes supplies! What should you bring? Did you pack enough? The list of worries can go on and on in your head before a trip. We know first hand it can get messy trying to pack everything and staying organized. Once there, you may struggle to find the right thing at the right time in your bag. Troublesome, isn’t it? Renita Johnson says she has found a solution in Sugar Medical’s diabetes supply cases and supply bags and now she can carry her diabetes supplies easily on her trips and adventures.

Renita adds she thinks Sugar Medical’s diabetes supply bags and cases are simply amazing. Renita shares with us why they work for her:  

“Most of these diabetes supply bags are compact sized, yet organized. Their smart design offers a portable bag with multiple sections and pockets. One of the sections has mesh pockets where small supplies like a glucose meter, syringes, insulin pen tips, alcohol swabs, etc fit well. Another section is for bigger supplies like infusion sets, glucose tablets, etc. There are separate pockets for insulin pens, too.”

“The diabetes travel cases and bags both have pockets for ice packs. It’s nice not to have to worry about keeping my insulin cool!”

“I like that the bags come in different sizes.  I use the larger Diabetes Travel Bag for all my supplies and keep it in the hotel room. Then I use a smaller purse called the Triple Zip that’s insulated while I am out and about.  The insulated section is helpful when I am in Arizona for sure!”

“The diabetes supply bags come with the test strip trash cans. No more worries about my used strips falling out every where. Sounds cool! Isn’t it?!”

Another thing that Renita loves is the color and designs that these bags come in . She already owns several of them in various colors,  prints, and sizes. She says, “I can pair them with suitable accessories to match my style. I can control my diabetes and stay carefree at the same time. Isn’t that amazing?” At Sugar Medical, you can get several options of bags and cases to carry your diabetes supplies during traveling. To know more about their products, please feel free to contact the Sugar Medical team.  


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