Why Should You Consider Sugar Medical for Your Diabetes Accessories?

You have diabetes, and perhaps you are struggling to keep it under control. To attain complete control, you need to always carry your supplies with you. These supplies may include insulin syringes and insulin pens, insulin pumps, diabetic test strips, blood sugar meters, glucose tablets, medical bracelets, glucose meters, and so on. Although you may not be using all of them at a time carrying a few essentials is important, isn’t it? It has been observed that many people find it difficult to carry these supplies due to the absence of a carrying accessory. Even if they manage to carry them, then they do not want to be noticed with their typical clinical-look bags. How to manage this situation without anyone noticing it? This is a common question on the mind of any diabetic who has been conscious of his/her health and struggling every day to normalize their sugar levels.

This is where Sugar Medical’s stylish and functional bags can rescue you. Now, you may say there are several brands offering stylish and functional diabetes accessories bags then what makes Sugar Medical special or different? Read the post to know your answers.

Sugar Medical: Top 5 Reasons to Buy from Them

Established in 2009, over the years, Sugar Medical has become a popular choice for diabetes-related accessories in the US. Today, it is considered as one of the largest diabetic accessories’ companies in the US. What makes it so? The following points will help you understand it better.

  • Stay Organized in a Stylish Way: According to Carolyn Jäger, the founder of Sugar Medical, staying organized is important to treat and control diabetes. This is only possible when you start taking your medicines on time. Now, unlike other diseases, you need to follow a specific routine when it comes to treating diabetes. But you cannot be at home all the time, and need to take all the accessories along, wherever you go. So, she started designing diabetic cases that are functional as well as stylish. Today, the product line includes supply cases for glucose meters, travel bags, purses, medical adhesives, and device silicone cases. Carolyn says that their products allow diabetics to add some color and fun to their routine without overdoing it.
  • Functionality: Along with style, the team at Sugar Medical also focuses on the functional details. All bags and cases have features that allow users to carry their diabetes essentials. These may include cell phone pockets, removable wrist wraps, Dexcom CGM, and extra pockets inside the bag or purse to carry extra supplies.
  • A Wide Variety of Designs to Choose from: Unlike its competitors, Sugar Medical has not limited itself to a few designs, rather it allows people to choose from over 100 designs. The company targets people who may be living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Fun and impressive prints of these designs set them apart from other competitor’s diabetes cases or bags that usually offered in solid colors. So, most customers who buy from them love their stylish bags, which easily fit into their backpacks or purses, or can be easily located from a distance if carried on their own.
  • Low Price Point: Sugar Medical assures a low price point than many of its competitors, which makes these bags affordable to most customers.
  • Partnerships: Since inception, Sugar Medical has been vocal about its support to companies that are working towards finding a cure for the disease. It now works with a company called Insulet Corporation to design cases and accessories for their Omnipod® and Omnipod® DASH™ insulin management systems. In addition to this, the company donates annually to JRDF, which is a non-profit organization known for funding research for type 1 diabetes. This organization provides a wide array of community services to T1D population. Sugar Medical contributed 5,000 supply bags to their Bag of Hope program in 2018.

Who Can Buy from Sugar Medical?

Sugar Medical caters to a large consumer base comprising the following customer segments:

  • Type 1 Diabetes: A lot of people in the US are purchasing these bags for their kids or other friends who may be living with Type 1 diabetes. The company always appeals to the nearest relatives of kids diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes to encourage them to take their essentials with them in these aesthetically appealing cases, bags, or purses.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: According to various studies there are more than 29 million people living with type 2 diabetes. They need to carry essentials like drugs or insulin pens to control their sugar levels. They can choose from one of the several cases designed by Sugar Medical for carrying glucose meters and essential medications.
  • Direct Medical Equipment Suppliers: Sugar Medical's strategy includes selling to direct medical equipment suppliers who may be looking for bulk purchases.

With Sugar Medical, you will find several bags under each category. To know more about these bags and their uses, you can get in touch with the Sugar Medical team today.


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