Where to Find the Best Quality Diabetes Bags for Men?

After living through the pandemic 2020, we are all ready to get out on the roads again and travel soon. Well, such trips sound quite exciting but not when you are diabetic. Carrying diabetic supplies becomes a hassle when traveling. Especially, men face this the most. Many men with diabetes agree that finding the best diabetes bags for men has been a challenge. That is why Sugar Medical offers a special range of diabetes bags for men. Andrew J., a long-distance cyclist, is one of the many satisfied customers of Sugar Medical. He had been a travel buff for as long as he can remember. His diabetes diagnosis changed it all. He was initially apprehensive about his ability to travel carrying all his diabetic supplies and keeping everything organized on the road. After searching online, he found Sugar Medical and is incredibly happy he did. He found the something large enough for all his supplies, and it was even insulated!

He said that “I have always wanted to travel the world. I enjoy riding so much but diabetes diagnosis has been hard upon me. Every time, I think of going on a trip, the next thought of carrying all the diabetes care supplies would just doom my enthusiasm. I would end up losing my insulin, glucose tablets, and even the cotton pads during travel. So, despite my love for traveling, I could never really enjoy my trips. However, one day, one of my friends, Drake gifted me Sugar Medical’s Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack- Haze Grey. The bag has changed my lifestyle. Earlier, I would look for diabetic supply bags in every store but could not find functional ones. All had the same designs, which looked much disorganized. Well, Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack- Haze Grey had everything I wanted. The bag has plenty of pockets for different diabetes essentials, it has an insulated pocket for ice-packs too. The design is quite organized, I can pack all essentials for the trip in different pockets. Since the bag is designed for men, I get that stylish sturdy look and a travel-friendly design too. Today, I have several Sugar Medical’s diabetes supply cases to flaunt, without worrying about my supplies. I am happy with the choice of diabetic bags for men that they offer. Good job guys!”

He has also bought several products from the website. Here he has shared a couple of his favorite products from Sugar Medical.

Andrew’s Favorites from Sugar Medical’s Diabetes Supply Bags for Men Range

The following are the products he likes from Sugar Medical’s diabetes bags for men collection.

  • Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack: Andrew says that the diabetes insulated sling backpack is a perfect fit for him. The bag is insulated, and his medication is protected from heat when he is on the trip.
  • Supply Cases with Trash Can: Andrew says for shorter trips or car rides, these small supply cases are perfect for him. It has plenty of pockets to keep the supplies organized. It also has a separate trash pocket where all his used test strips go, alcohol swabs, and cotton pads.

He also gifted the Glucose SOS to a few close friends who were diagnosed with diabetes. Do you also want to buy diabetes supply bags for yourself? If you are a guy, then these bags from our diabetes bags for men collection are ideal for you. Please get in touch with us, in case of any queries. We will be happy to assist you.


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