What to Know About Diabetes Supply Bags

How do you carry diabetic supplies?

A diabetes diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming, especially with all the new supplies needed to be carried around on a day-to-day basis. Diabetes bags can help you keep your supplies organized so you can give yourself the best care when you need it the most. We offer a large array of bags that fit any of your needs including insulated bags that keep your medications cold. There are also a variety of prints that fit any personality, shapes, and sizes so you can keep your supplies in a bag, case, or book bag that fits your lifestyle.

What is a diabetes bag?

Diabetic bags come in all shapes and sizes. They help you keep your supplies organized while on the go, traveling or just at home. They can be stylish and sophisticated, or they can be sleek and discrete. 

A diabetic bag can include any blood sugar testing supplies you need quick access to such as:

  • Blood glucose meter lancets, and test strips for checking blood sugar
  • Ketone test strips
  • Insulin with syringes or insulin pens
  • Pump supplies, if you use an insulin pump (Be sure to include insulin vials and syringes in case the pump stops working)
  • Glucagon
  • Glucose powder, tablets, or gel
  • Candy that your care team recommends to treat low blood sugar
  • A container for safely discarding lancet devices, pen needles, or syringes

Can you bring diabetic supplies on a plane?

Traveling is always fun and exciting but planning what to pack when you are diabetic can be stressful. These common questions come to mind. Did I pack everything? Can I keep my insulin cool? How will I carry my supplies through the airport? Many of these questions can be answered with the perfect Diabetic Bag. Keeping everything you need for your diabetes in an easily accessible place can make a huge difference for you when traveling. The diabetic travel bag was designed to ease the stress of traveling with diabetes. 

Diabetes-related supplies can be carried on a plane once they have been X-rayed or hand-checked by TSA. But TSA recommends that you keep these items separate from your normal luggage since they should be announced before screening begins. A diabetic bag can be super helpful in making your airport travel much quicker and easier. The bags we offer at Sugar Medical are stylish and easy to carry, and many of them are insulated which helps ease the stress of fluctuating temperatures while flying. 

Be sure to check out our selection of diabetes supply bags to find the one that best suits your needs and showcases your unique personality.

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