What Are the Best Diabetes Bags for Kids?

Juvenile diabetes, which is known as type 1 diabetes, has been a growing concern for parents for several years. Now, kids and youth are also being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. managing diabetes is a struggle for affected kids and their caretakers. primary reason is most kids fail to cooperate when it comes to a new life with diabetes. Now they must deal with regular injections and medications, they must control eating sweets, and change their eating habits. On top of adapting to a new lifestyle, they are now also faced with having to carrying a lot of diabetes treatment essentials everywhere they go. This is a big challenge for parents of active kids who love outdoor and sports. This is where diabetes bags for kids by Sugar Medical make a difference. Jennifer (Jenny) Birch, a happy mom of a 10-year old boy from Rhode Island, says that she has found a solution in the functional and stylish diabetes bags from Sugar Medicals. She says that, “It is true that mine and Ethan’s life changed forever in 2018 when he was diagnosed with diabetes. Given that he used to be an active kid and was always excited about his sports, school, and holidays, this diagnosis was difficult for me and him to digest for a while. However, I kept him going and encouraged him to follow his daily schedule, but with a certain caution. I am very particular about his medications and have made him realize the importance of the same. Carrying diabetes management essentials was difficult earlier. Ethan never liked those black big bags that made people aware of his disease. One of my friends suggested me to check Sugar Medical’s website that deals with all types of diabetes bags and purses. I am happy that Ethan instantly loved the bags and asked me to order one for him. Today, Ethan has several of them and he loves it is discrete and doesn’t scream diabetes when you see it.” Which Are Jennifer’s and Ethan’s Favorite Diabetes Bags for Kids? Jenny says that the following have been Ethan’s clear favorites.

Kids Diabetic SPIbelt® with a Pass-Through Hole: Jenny feels that this bag is designed keeping Ethan in mind because he wears his pumps all the time. Ethan has been wearing these to his swimming classes, piano classes, and other places. There is a pass-through hole for pump tubing. He keeps his inhalers and insulin pump in expandable pockets. Ethan owns a couple of Kids Diabetic SPIbelt® in various colors.

Diabetes Insulated Travel Bags: Jenny uses these bags when she and Ethan plan a holiday. She loves the fact that these bags offer two large sections for storing all diabetes and non-diabetes essentials. The first section has mesh pockets for lancing device, glucose meters, and syringes and so on. There is a second larger section where Ethan keeps his snacks, glucose tablets, and pump supplies.

Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpacks: Jenny says that Ethan loves to carry Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpacks from Sugar Medical whenever he can. He carries it to school and around the neighborhood on his bike. This bag not only allows him to carry all his diabetes treatment essentials but also snacks for a quick bite whenever he wants. Jenny is also considering them for one of her friend’s kids who has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. Learn more about these cases and bags email us at customerservice@sugarmedical.com. We would be happy to help you find your perfect diabetes bag!

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