Traveling through TSA with Diabetes Supplies

     Everyone knows airports and TSA checkpoints can be super stressful. The TSA agents make you take off your shoes, unpack your electronics, pull out bags with liquids, and have you do a number of other things. This can be a very stressful experience, especially if you are running late or if there is a long line. For diabetics, they often have an added stress of traveling with pumps, CGMs, meters, and supplies. Unpacking all the TSA required items, along with diabetes supplies can feel overwhelming.

     Recently I flew from Tampa to Richmond and I had a great TSA experience. I only traveled for a few days, so my luggage was very light. I hopped in line, followed all of the procedures, and pulled out my Omnipod Supply Case from Sugar Medical.  Inside the case, I had my Omnipod PDM, my Dexcom receiver, and extra supplies like an insulin vial, syringes, and alcohol swabs. I unzipped my diabetes Case for the agents and off it went on the belt through the x-ray machine.

     When it was my turn to walk through the scanner, I of course, set off all the alarms. I happened to have both my pod and my Dexcom on my stomach, so I pulled my shirt up slightly and showed the agents. Just to confirm these devices were not harmful, they did a simple test. I rubbed my hands over the pod and Dexcom and then the TSA agent wiped my hands with a cloth. She then placed the cloth into a machine that tested the sample for the ‘bad stuff’ and the results came back quickly. The agent told me I was all clear and off I went to collect my bags and head to my gate within just a few minutes.  I was super easy and the agents did not question me about all the supplies in my case.

     Traveling with diabetes is a little more complicated than it is for the ordinary traveler, but it can still be a simple process. Having the right bag to carry all your supplies helps so much. You can easily pull out one bag and have it checked at the airport without the hassle of locating many different bags with all your supplies.

     For shorter trips like a weekend get-away, I recommend using the Omnipod Supply Case or a Glucose Meter Testing Case. These cases are smaller but hold all the necessary supplies for a short trip. For longer trips, I recommend packing with a Diabetes Insulated Travel Bag or the Insulated Diabetes Sling Backpack. Both of these bags are insulated, which is perfect for longer traveling times, and are larger to hold more supplies. Check out these options and all their fun patterns before your next adventure!

By: Amy Powell, living with T1D since 2009

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