Top 5 Best Bags for Holiday Travel for Diabetics

There is a steep learning curve when first diagnosed as a diabetic. There are a lot of new things to learn, such as how to check your blood sugar, count carbs, and take insulin injections. It can be a lot to remember to check your blood sugar levels and keep track of total carbs consumed. In addition to this, you now have a handful of supplies to take with you on the go, whether it’s a week-long trip or a five-minute walk down the road. Organizing and remembering to bring all of your supplies with you, can be challenging, especially for children. Having the right bag to carry all of your supplies can make a huge difference.

What Supplies Do Diabetics Need?

Managing your diabetes is less stressful once you know what supplies you need to have on hand. Your basic supplies will include supplies to measure glucose levels, supplies to manage glucose levels, supplies to manage insulin levels and skin care supplies. There are different options and methods diabetics can choose from for measuring glucose and receiving necessary insulin. Those choices will dictate further supplies needed. 

What Extra Items Do Diabetics Need When Traveling?

When away from home, diabetics have to consider what items they would typically need as well as backups and extras in case something gets damaged or lost in transport. 

Here are a few supplies that diabetics need on hand when traveling:

  • blood glucose meter lancets, and test strips for checking blood sugar
  • ketone test strips
  • insulin with syringes or insulin pens
  • pump supplies, if you or your child uses an insulin pump. Be sure to include insulin vials and syringes in case the pump stops working.
  • Glucagon
  • fast-acting carbohydrates such as:
  • glucose tablets or gel
  • candy that your care team recommends to treat low blood sugar (just make sure it's safe for your child’s age)
  • a container for safely discarding lancet devices, pen needles, or syringes

Why Do Diabetics Need Special Supply Bags or Cases?

Diabetics need to carry a variety of supplies with them at all times and finding a good bag to pack and carry all these supplies is important. Diabetes supplies are expensive and fragile, packing them safely and securely will help protect them from potential damage from unexpected accidents. Insulin bottles can break if dropped, leaving you without the insulin you need if extra bottles are not in your supply bag. Specialty bags with insulation are designed to keep your diabetes supplies dry and cool. Insulin and test strips can “go bad”, becoming inaccurate or ineffective if they are not kept cool.  

What are the Top 5 Diabetic Bags for Holiday Travel?

Selecting the right diabetes organizer, case or bag will all depend on your travel plans. Do your travel plans include flying, driving or trains? Will you be staying at a hotel or a family/ friends house? What special activities are planned on this holiday trip?

Five bags diabetes bags great for traveling

Check Out These Diabetes Bags:

    1. Diabetes Insulated Travel Bag

    Made for longer travel times, this larger insulated bag holds more supplies and can be packed in with your regular suitcase. This bag is easy to pull out from your luggage at the airport when going through TSA checks. Having everything in one simple bag is less stressful than having to locate several different supply bags within your suitcase. 

    • Pockets for glucose meter and lancing device
    • Loops for insulin vials and pocket for insulin pens
    • Back compartment for a glucagon kit, infusion sets, extra pods, snacks, glucose tablets, and more
    • Includes a removable pouch
    • Adjustable strap
    • ID Cardholder
    • Two exterior pockets for ice packs (not included)
    • 10”W x 8"H x 5”D

    2. Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpacks

    This medium sized insulated backpack holds a good amount of supplies and works well for longer trips or even outdoor activities like camping or a hike. Also makes a great carry on bag when flying for the holidays, there's plenty of room for your diabetes supplies as well as snacks and in flight entertainment devices.

      • Fully insulated compact design
      • Holds glucose testing kit, glucagon, and snacks
      • Pockets for keys and phone
      • Mesh pockets for 16 oz water bottle
      • Adjustable strap extends from 22”- 44.5” in
      • 9” W x 15" H x 3” D 

      3. Insulated Diabetes Organizer

      This insulated organizer is perfect for newly diagnosed diabetics. It can hold everything a diabetic could need in any situation. The organizer has an abundance of compartments to hold everything you need and comes in a variety of fun colors. There are pockets and sleeves for : your meter, pump controller or Dexcom receiver, insulin vials, lancets, alcohol wipes and test strips. This functional organizer is also equipped with a trash can for used test strips! 

        • 3 elastic loops and pocket perfect for vials, pens, or pump supplies
        • Large zippered pocket for lancets, glucose, and pen tips
        • Separate trash pocket for test strips and pen tips
        • Pocket for ice pack (not included)
        • 8’W x 5.5"H x 2.5”D

        4. Diabetes Triple Zip Purse

        This fashionable bag has all the space you need to carry your diabetes supplies and daily essentials. Perfect for a day out running errands or a girls night out on the town. 

          • Insulated back section
          • Secure glucose meter with provided Velcro patch
          • Convenient left and right-handed test strip loop- you choose
          • Test Strip Trash Can- holds up to 400+ used strips
          • Pocket for 2+ insulin pens, glucose tabs, or pump supplies
          • Front pocket for alcohol swabs, medications, and more
          • Back pocket for cell phone
          • Includes detachable purse strap
          • Fits Omnipod®, Medtronic®, and Tandem® pump supplies

          5. Omnipod Supply Case

          Perfect for a weekend getaway, these cases are smaller but still hold all necessary supplies for a short trip. 

            • Pocket fits Omnipod 5™, Omnipod DASH® or original PDM
            • Test Strip Trash Can- holds 400+ strips
            • Mesh pocket for syringes, alcohol swabs, medications, and more
            • Pocket for extra Omnipod® Pod
            • Front pocket for cell phone or CGM
            • Includes a detachable wrist strap
            • 7” W x 5" H x 1.5” D
            Any of these bags and cases would make a great addition to your travel gear. They also make great holiday gifts for friends and loved ones who also manage diabetes. Consider grabbing a few silicone cases for insulin bottles to give them a little extra protection in case they are dropped. Sugar Medical has your back this holiday travel season, check out all of our diabetes supply accessories.

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