TOP 5 Bags for Back to School

It’s so hard to believe summer is almost over and we are already preparing to head back to school! As a middle school teacher and a diabetic, myself, I know all too well the stress of carrying all your supplies with you to school every day. Here are my top 5 favorite bags to carry and why they’re awesome!


1.The Diabetes Deluxe Supply Case

This is my favorite bag for so many reasons! First, it has the perfect amount of space to fit my Omnipod or a meter, along with extra supplies. In the pocket there is room for Glucose SOS which is a great way to treat lows in the middle of class. The case is slim and compact yet has plenty of room for everything you need. It can easily slide into a purse or backpack which is perfect for school!


2.The Insulated Diabetes Organizer

I find this bag very useful for those that carry insulin with them. This bag has so many pockets and zippers to hold a TON of supplies, including a meter and extra pods. Plus, it is insulated to keep insulin cold. This is super helpful for independent diabetics who need to deliver injections without having to go all the way to the clinic for the insulin. It also has a great center pocket for used test strips or pen needles.


3.The Diabetes Triple Zip Purse

I love this purse for students who have to carry binders, or who cannot bring backpacks to school. It is just adorable! This bag easily slides over the shoulder for convenient carrying yet is not too big and bulky for students to carry all day. With its compact design, there is plenty of room to hold meters or PDMs, supplies, and snacks. It also has an insulated back pocket for insulin during those warmer months.


4.The Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack

This backpack is the perfect bag on hand for field trips and sports! Most field trips or sporting events entail a lot of walking and hot weather. This bag has so much room for snacks and bottled water to keep your diabetic hydrated and treat potential lows. Not to mention, there is more room to keep extra supplies such as pods and test strips. Since this bag is insulated, carrying insulin and keeping it cool is not an issue either. The sling style of this bag makes it convenient to carry everything you need, while also enjoying the field trip and not worrying about your supplies.


5.The Diabetes Insulated Convertible Supply Bag

The main reason I love this bag is because there are so many ways you can carry it! No matter if you want to wear it around school, slide it into your backpack, or carry it as a cross body bag on a field trip, it is extremely versatile. This bag is small yet has enough room for everything you need on a day-to-day basis. I also love that there are separate compartments to keep your supplies organized and insulated too.

All of these bags come in a variety of colors to fit your back-to-school needs. As you are busy shopping for school supplies and clothes, don’t forget about carrying your diabetes supplies to school too!

By: Amy Powell, living with T1D since 2009

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