Sugar Medical’s FreeStyle Libre Cases: The Best Way to Protect Your FreeStyle Libre

FreeStyle Libre is a popular reader with people that have diabetes. This reader has helped several ,diabetic people in keeping their glucose levels on track. Well, what if you end up destroying the device due to it slipping of your hand, or maybe scratch the screen. To avoid such troubles, we offer a range of FreeStyle Libre Cases. If you are a Libre user, Sugar Medical’s FreeStyle Libre cases are must-haves for you. It certainly is one of the best ways to prevent your device from damage. What gives us the confidence to say this? Our customers love these FreeStyle Libre gel skins and they have often ordered from us. Our beloved customer, Ann Stuart shared her experience of using Sugar Medical’s FreeStyle Libre cases during our customer feedbacks. We are excited to share her experience with our fellow readers through this post.

Ann said, “I was quite a clumsy person; I still am. Being clumsy with my diabetic tools does not help at all. My clumsiness got me in trouble so many times. Initially, I would just throw my FreeStyle Libre in a bag and then it would end up getting scratched or covered in my spilled makeup. Many times, I have broken my devices because I dropped it. One day, one of my friends saw me annoyed over my partially broken Libre and that is when she suggested Freestyle Libre Gel Skin/Cases by Sugar Medical. Ever since I have got these gel skins for my FreeStyle Libre, I have not had a single scratch on my device, nor have I dropped it because this silicone gel skin covers offer just enough grip to hold my reader.”

We were quite proud when she said all of that.

Then she added “These FreeStyle Libre cases fit quite perfectly on FreeStyle Libre, and FreeStyle Libre-2. Sugar Medical has perfect cases that fit both versions. What I like the most about these cases is the cut on the backside. This makes it easy to use my glucometer without removing it from the Sugar Medical case. These cases are made of soft silicone and the cut-outs for charging and changing strips just make these cases convenient to use. I have been using these cases for quite a long time. I have these cases in 3 colors. The colors are so attractive, I bought a purple glitter, solid black and the tie-dye cover. This way, I get to secure my FreeStyle Libre from scratches and damage without compromising on the style.”

Ann also said that she enjoys using Sugar Medical’s other products like diabetic cases and bags. She said our products make her diabetic lifestyle organized, easy-going, and comfortable. Do you also want to secure your FreeStyle Libre without ruining the aesthetics? If yes, you are at the right place. Please feel free to get more information about our products. We will be happy to help you.


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