Selecting the Right Size Diabetes Supply Bag

With so many diabetes supply bags available on the market, how do you decide which one will best suit you? Beyond color options there are a variety of styles and sizes all created for specific needs and everyday activities. You certainly would not need the same supply bag for an afternoon hike as you would for an overnight trip. At Sugar Medical, we know that one size does not fit all. We focus on creating a wide collection of bags in various styles and sizes to meet everyone’s unique needs. When choosing what size diabetes supply bag you will need, consider what your plans and activities are for the day. This will help you determine the type and amount of supplies you will need to bring along.  

What to Carry in Your Diabetes Supply Bag 

Your supply bag should carry any and all items that you will need to manage your diabetes for the set time frame you plan on being away from your home. You should also include extras and backups of items (such as insulin vials) in case they get damaged by accident. Every individual’s supply needs will be similar with a few variations. Your supplies will depend on which type of diabetes you manage and your current diabetes management plan from your doctor. 

Most Common Diabetes Supplies

  • Blood Sugar Testing Supplies
    • This includes your blood glucose meter (with extra batteries), lancets, and diabetic test strips for checking blood sugar.
  • Ketone Test Strips
  • Insulin & Syringes or Insulin Pens 
  • Insulin Pump & Pump Supplies
    • Include insulin vials and syringes as a backup if the pump fails. 
  • Glucagon
  • Fast- acting Carbohydrates
    • This can be glucose tablets/gel or other candy that your care team has recommended to treat low blood sugar.
  • Healthy Snacks & Water
    • These snacks should work well for treating low blood sugar.

Small to Medium Sized Diabetes Supply Bags 

Features: Compact & convenient

Capacity: Small to medium sized supply bags will have enough space to carry your most essential diabetes necessities as well as a few additional items. This size bag is perfect for occasions where you do not need any other (non diabetic) items with you or your main outing bag has extra space to fit your diabetic supply bag. 

Works Well For: Shorter outings with planned meals or readily available food options. 

  • Short walks
  • Shopping trip
  • Going out to eat
  • Seeing a movie
  • Bowling (or other recreational activity that last just a few hours)
  • Concerts

Sugar Medical Recommends:


  • Insulated back section
  • Secure glucose meter with provided Velcro patch
  • Convenient left and right-handed test strip loop- you choose
  • Test Strip Trash Can- holds up to 400+ used strips
  • Pocket for 2+ insulin pens, glucose tabs, or pump supplies
  • Front pocket for alcohol swabs, medications, and more
  • Back pocket for cell phone
  • Includes detachable purse strap (strap measures 32in. - 60in.)
  • Fits Omnipod®, Medtronic®, and Tandem® pump supplies
  •  8" X 5" X 3.25"



  • Roomy, soft sided design with 3 zippered compartments
  • Large insulated back pocket perfect for keeping insulin cool or can be used to carry larger items like the Dexcom inserter, Medtronic inserter, pump site changes, pods, or personal items like a wallet
  • Middle compartment unzips to lay completely flat for easy glucose testing
  • Includes Test Strip Trash Can that holds all those pesky used test strips
  • Carry as a handheld bag, cross-body or a belt bag
  • Removable waist belt ranges from 23in to 50in
  • Room for insulin pens, pump supplies and daily testing supplies
  •  7" X 4.75" X 2.75"

Large Diabetes Supply Bags

Features: Additional pockets for storage, multiple ways to carry (straps, handles etc.)

Capacity: Large supply bags will allow you to carry all of your diabetes essentials as well as space for additional non diabetic related items. This can be handy in scenarios where you need a larger amount of diabetic supplies and only a few other items such as your wallet, tablet, phone etc.

Works Well For: Longer outings that may last the full day with few meal options available. 

  • Day trips
  • Hikes
  • Theme parks
  • Sightseeing
  • Conventions (for work or for fun)
  • Shopping trip with young kids (extra storage for bottles, wipes, extra diapers)
  • Afternoon at the park
  • Work (working from the office)

Sugar Medical Recommends:


  • 3 ways to wear: Shoulder, Crossbody, or Backpack
  • Convenient front pockets organize your diabetes supplies
  • Loops and pockets for glucose meter, test strips, insulin pens, and more
  • Interior slip pocket for personal items
  • Includes removable insulated pouch to keep insulin or medications cool (ice pack not included)
  • Premium hardware and easy glide zippers
  • Measurements: Purse 12 x 10 x 5 inches, Removable Pouch measures 7.75 x 5 inches
  • Made from durable premium nylon, spot clean
Remember, your Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes supply bag does not have to be all function and no fun! Sugar Medical takes pride in developing fun and stylish supply bags that any individual living with diabetes would feel great wearing. Choosing the right size bag is easy when you plan ahead and have plenty of options to select from. Shop more styles and colors with Sugar Medical.

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