PodPals: OmniPod Adhesive Overlays

My favorite place to wear my OmniPod® insulin pump is on my arm, but I can’t keep track of how often I have ripped it off on a wall or doorframe. Even wearing it in other areas I have struggled with keeping the adhesive from peeling up from sweat, water or general wear and tear.

Omnipod Podpal
PodPals are the perfect solution. They are an adhesive overlay, designed by the makers of OmniPod®. These adhesives are thoroughly tested and add extra security whether you’re hiking, swimming, cycling, or out running errands.

To apply, you simply peel the center paper off the back to reveal the sticky side and place around your pod. Once secured, you then peel the paper from each side and smooth on to your skin. That’s it!

I have tried several kinds of tapes and adhesives to help keep my pod on and the PodPals have hands down worked the best. I love that I can easily apply them myself within just a few steps and go about my day knowing that I won’t have to worry about another pod that ripped or fell off too soon.

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