Perfect Gift for Newly Diagnosed

Being diagnosed with diabetes is a really scary time. There are a lot of new things to learn, such as how to check your blood sugar, count carbs, and take insulin injections. You're worried about a lot of things: is my blood sugar too high or too low, how many carbs are in this meal, and what will I miss out on now? Not to mention, there are now a lot of supplies you will need to take with you on the go, whether it’s a week-long trip or a five-minute walk down the road. Remembering to bring all of your supplies with you, and keep them organized can be challenging, especially for children.

   The Insulated Diabetes Organizer can help with that. This bag has so many compartments to hold everything you need! It has a pocket for your meter, pump controller, or Dexcom receiver, along with 3 sleeves for insulin vials or test strips. There are multiple pockets and sleeves to hold supplies such as test strips, lancets, and alcohol wipes. One of my favorite parts is the trash can for used test strips! You can toss your used test strips into the trash can and empty them later, keeping the rest of your supplies from being contaminated with blood.

     Another one of my favorite features of the Insulated Diabetes Organizer is that it is, well, insulated. This is very important for two reasons. One, it is important to keep your insulin and test strips cool. This prevents them from going bad and becoming inaccurate or ineffective. Two, it is a great way to pack snacks for low blood sugar without them becoming hot. Growing up in Florida with diabetes, I can’t tell you how many times I choked down a melted piece of candy just to get my blood sugar up. Had I purchased an Insulated Diabetes Organizer, I could have saved myself from eating melted snacks.

     The Insulated Diabetes Organizer is a perfect gift for newly diagnosed diabetics. It can hold everything a diabetic could need in any situation. It is also insulated, to help protect snacks, test strips, and insulin vials. Not to mention, it comes in a variety of fun colors! This makes carrying a bag much less daunting, especially for children. I love getting to match my bags with my outfits or change my bags based on the seasons. The fun and functionality of the bag makes it much easier to carry your supplies with you wherever you go.

By: Amy Powell, living with T1D since 2009

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