Packing for a Weekend Trip

This past weekend I spent some time in Lynchburg, Virginia. As I prepared for this trip, just like any other trip, my top priority was making sure I had enough diabetes supplies for the entire weekend. The first thing I packed was my Omnipod Case. In my supply case, I checked to make sure I had enough lancets, alcohol wipes, test strips, insulin, extra batteries, and extra pods. I keep my insulin in a silicone protective case, just in case it drops. This provides me with a feeling of safety and security that when I’m on the go and life gets crazy, worrying about my insulin vial dropping isn't one of my concerns.

One time, I was in the middle of changing a pod when my precious puppy dog wagged her tail, knocking my bottle of insulin onto the floor. Of course, it shattered, and of course, I was already running low on bottles of insulin. After that, I began searching for solutions to prevent this from happening again. That’s when I found the silicone protective case and quickly purchased one. Now, I have a greater piece of mind knowing that if my insulin bottle falls to the floor, it will not break.

The Omnipod Case makes traveling so much easier. I can quickly look in my case and see that I have everything I need before I head out the door. I love that I can now fit an extra pod in my case. Before, I would have to pack extra pods separately, hoping I didn’t forget them. While in Lynchburg, I went to a baseball game with some friends and being gone for so long, I didn’t worry about my pod running out of insulin, since I had an extra with me.This Omnipod Case not only fits everything I need, but it is also compact enough to slide into my purse or backpack while I am on the go. This made running out to dinner in Lynchburg with my friends so much more convenient. Life has become so much easier since purchasing the Omnipod Case!

Women carrying Sugar Medical Tropical Omnipod Diabetes Case

 By: Amy Powell, living with T1D since 2009

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