Omnipod® Cases: Why They Are Important for Your Diabetic Regimen

It is often said that diabetes teaches you discipline and rightly so. Diabetics understand the importance of monitoring and keeping their diabetes under control along with the diet and exercise. Over the years, various diabetes essentials have gained immense popularity and acceptance among people with diabetes like the Omnipod® System and Omnipod DASH® insulin pumps. These systems are hailed as an innovative solution to insulin delivery since they are tubeless which is a huge benefit. It is easy to see people using these pumps; however, carrying all the necessary backup supplies with them can be a little difficult at times. This is where the line of Omnipod® Cases from Sugar Medical can help. Jacinta Arden from California, a longtime customer of Sugar Medical says, “Earlier I was apprehensive about being noticed with all my Omnipod® supplies while out in public. Often, I tried hiding them in my bags or backpacks but it made it difficult o find everything I was looking for. Now, I carry everything I need in my Sugar Medical’s Omnipod® supply cases.

There are lots of people like Jacinta who follow a strict regimen when it comes to monitoring and keeping their diabetes under control. But being in control of your diabetes means you have to carry a lot of different supplies with you each day. Jacinta said when she was first diagnosed, she did not like carrying her supplies with her because it made her feel different and sometimes isolated. She avoided testing her glucose in public space due to the fear of being noticed with all her diabetes supplies. However, Omnipod® cases from Sugar Medical have changed her perception of diabetes altogether. In her words, “These purses are quite cute, and they have so many options to choose from. I am a day dreamer who loves traveling to Costa Rica. I instantly fell in love with the Omnipod Tropical design on the website. It goes with my personality!”

Like other customers, Jacinta also decided to purchase a purse as well for her supplies. She likes the additional features that the purse offers like:

  • Pocket for DASH™ or original PDM
  • Elastic loops for test strips and lancing device
  • Sugar Medical’s exclusive Test Strip Trash Can
  • Pockets for extra Omnipod® Pod
  • Front pocket for storing cell phone
  • A detachable purse strap

Jacinta has been a part of several diabetes awareness groups and she has encouraged her diabetic friends and to choose these bags over plain, boring black medical bags. In addition to these, Jacinta also loves the Omnipod® DASH™ Gel Skin cases, which are used to protect her Omnipod® PDM. Made of soft silicone, these skin cases provide additional protection plus come in fun colors.

The team at Sugar Medical says that customers like Jacinta have been their real inspiration behind such unique products. Sugar Medical has partnered with Omnipod® for designing cases that exclusively fit Omnipod® System and Omnipod DASH® insulin pumps systems. These cases are often used in combination with other diabetes supply bags by people to monitor and keep their diabetes in check. If you are confused about finding the right bag, the experts at Sugar Medical can help! Give them a call today!

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