My Experience with Omnipod 5

For over ten years I have been on the Omnipod system. I have loved it since the day I got it and it has made my life so much easier. However, I recently upgraded to the Omnipod 5 system and it has made my life even easier than it was with the original Omnipod system!

     The Omnipod 5 communicates with my Dexcom CGM to read my blood sugars. It then adjusts my insulin based on my current blood sugar. If my sugar is high, it will give me more insulin. If it is starting to get low, it will decrease the amount and frequency of my insulin. This allows my blood sugars to be more stable, resulting in a lower A1C. The only thing I need to do manually is enter the amount of carbs I am eating! This is such a game changer and I feel like I have more freedom than before.

     I was worried that when I switched to the newer (and larger) model, that my case wouldn’t fit the new PDM. I would have to find a new bag to carry all my supplies around with me. However, that was not an issue at all! My case that fit my old PDM also had room in it for the Omnipod 5 PDM. Along with the PDM, I also have room for the charging cord, an extra pod, insulin, and an emergency packet of Glucose SOS.

     I highly recommend the Omnipod 5 system and purchasing one of the cases! I have thoroughly enjoyed the new system and am impressed with the new technology that is making my life with diabetes so much easier to manage. Sugar medical also offers screen protectors for the Omnipod 5 and will soon be coming out with gel skins in fun prints for the PDM.

By: Amy Powell, living with T1D since 2009

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