Mother's Day Diabetes Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is almost here! Many of us are looking for a special Mother’s day gift for the moms and mother figures in our lives. For those of us who have mothers, grandmothers, sisters and close friends who are mothers who are also diabetic, choosing the right Mother’s Day gift can be challenging. Some of the most popular gifts for moms on Mother’s Day are flowers, special meals and candy. For Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics, special holiday meals and candy gifts can cause some stress or worry. Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas that will help your mom manage her diabetes and ensure an enjoyable stress free day!


Diabetes Friendly Mother’s Day Meal 

Most moms love a good meal! Breakfast or brunch can be a great way to show your mother how much you appreciate her. Whether you plan to go out or are designing a special meal to prepare at home, try to keep their dietary restrictions in mind. For mothers managing diabetes, every meal and snack has to be carefully thought out in advance to help keep their blood sugar levels in balance. 

Going Out

Many restaurants serve a set Mother’s Day menu. You will want to make sure that menu has options that work for those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Look for low carb meal choices or lower carb options. You may want to call the restaurant in advance to see what changes or accommodations can be made to their set menu. 

Cooking at Home 

Preparing a meal at home for Mother’s Day allows for more freedom and flexibility with your special meal. Choosing to cook at home for mom allows you to create a customized meal that is diabetic friendly and delicious. Consider selecting recipes that are filled with your mom’s favorite foods and favorite colors!

seasoned steak and veggies for lettuce wrapped fajitas fresh veggie frittata

Mother’s Day Meal Ideas:

  • Farm fresh veggie frittatas filled with her favorite veggies
  • Breakfast banana sundae made with greek yogurt and granola 
  • Bistro egg salad 
  • Crustless quiche
  • Sugar free maple bacon & low carb mac n cheese
  • Chicken or steak fajitas in a lettuce wrap 
  • Sugar free chocolate fondue with her favorite fruit for dipping
  • Heart shaped charcuterie board filled with her favorite meats, cheese, fruits, veggies & nuts


Sugar Free Diabetes Friendly Sweets for Mom

Single ingredient foods in general are a better option for moms living with diabetes. You will want to find fun treats and sweets that do not significantly increase their blood sugar levels. Dark chocolate is also a great alternative to milk chocolate as it is lower in sugar and carbohydrates. You can also make a variety of sweets from scratch at home using low sugar alternatives.  

  • Dark chocolate dipped fruits
  • Greek yogurt based desserts 
  • Sugar free candies & chocolates
  • Low carb/ keto desserts


Stylish Diabetes Purses & Supply Bags Perfect for Mom

The right bag for the right occasion makes a world of difference! No matter the occasion, Sugar Medical’s bags are everything your mom needs to carry their diabetes supplies and daily essentials. She can enjoy a stress-free day of running errands or a fun girl’s night out in style with plenty of additional room for her personal items. 


  • Insulated back section
  • Secure glucose meter with provided patch with VELCRO® Brand fastener
  • Convenient left and right-handed test strip loop- you choose
  • Test Strip Trash Can- holds up to 400+ used strips
  • Pocket for 2+ insulin pens, glucose tabs, or pump supplies
  • Front pocket for alcohol swabs, medications, and more
  • Back pocket for cell phone
  • Includes detachable purse strap (strap measures 32in. - 60in.)
  • Fits Omnipod®, Medtronic®, and Tandem® pump supplies


  • 3 ways to wear: Shoulder, Crossbody, or Backpack
  • Convenient front pockets organize your diabetes supplies
  • Loops and pockets for glucose meter, test strips, insulin pens, and more
  • Interior slip pocket for personal items
  • Includes removable insulated pouch to keep insulin or medications cool (ice pack not included)
  • Premium hardware and easy glide zippers
  • Measurements: Purse 12 x 10 x 5 inches, Removable Pouch measures 8.25 x 4 inches
  • Made from durable premium nylon, spot clean


Diabetic Organizers & Accessories for a Mother’s Day Gift Basket 

Out with the old, in with the new! No more boring diabetes supply organizers or accessories for moms. Fun and colorful diabetes accessories will bring a smile to your mother’s face every time she uses them. Let her show her personality with fun patterns, unique charms and stylish silicone cases


  • Wrist strap lets you wear on your wrist for errands or throw into a larger bag to keep things organized
  • Secure glucose meter with provided hook and loop patch that sticks to back of meter 
  • Pocket for insulin pens or glucose tabs
  • Mesh pocket for alcohol swabs, medications, and more
  • Loops for test strips, insulin vial, and lancing device
  • Front pocket for extra storage
  • 7.25" X 4.5" X 1.75"


  • Pocket fits Omnipod® 5, Omnipod DASH® or original PDM
  • Test Strip Trash Can- holds 400+ strips
  • Mesh pocket for syringes, alcohol swabs, medications, and more
  • Pocket for extra Omnipod® Pod
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Includes a detachable wrist strap
  • Does not fit Dexcom inserter
  • 7.25" X 5.5" X 1.5"


  • Roomy, soft sided design with 3 compartments
  • Large, insulated back pocket perfect for keeping insulin cool or can be used to carry larger items like the Dexcom Sensor, 1 or 2 Tandem infusion sets, cartridges, and syringes.
  • Middle compartment unzips to lay completely flat for easy glucose testing with a large mesh pocket for extra supplies or Glucose SOS packs
  • Front pocket for cell phone or snacks
  • Includes Test Strip Trash Can for all those pesky used test strips (empty trash by opening pocket with VELCRO® Brand fastener)
  • 7" X 4.75" X 2.75"

Treat your mom to something special this year for Mother’s Day. Treat her to a supply bag that will keep up with her and all her life's adventures. We take great pride in developing fun and stylish supply bags that any individual living with diabetes would feel great wearing. Shop more gifts for the mothers in your life here with Sugar Medical.

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