How Sugar Medical’s Silicone Cases Became the Go-To Fashion Accessories for Us

I am Jess Maddison, a 27-year-old fashion stylist. I style so many people every day. From their outfits to accessories, I manage everything. When it comes to fashion, every accessory should coordinate with the outfit and, when it comes to styling, the task isn’t limited to outfits. I need to consider my clients’ bags, shoes, and even their phone cases. Everything was pretty simple until I got a client suffering from Type II diabetes. I now wanted to find a way to style her diabetes monitoring and control devices too.

“I do not want to be photographed with my insulin pump.” Those were the words from one of my clients with diabetes.

I understood her challenges. She must carry her FreeStyle Libre Case and insulin pump everywhere. No matter where she goes or what she does, these devices are necessary. If I had to speak in fashion terms, the FreeStyle Libre , and Tandem t:slim are her go-to accessories because she can’t live without them.

When I looked at her monitoring devices, there were scratches on the surface, and makeup on the screen sometimes. I had to find a way to accessorize her devices especially if being photographed.

That is when I came across Sugar Medical’s silicone cases for FreeStyle Libre and Tandem t:slim. I must say these silicone cases by Sugar Medical definitely made my life easier and enhanced my client’s fashion statement for sure and made her feel more confident too.

These silicone cases are designed to fit just right for FreeStyle Libre and Tandem t:slim insulin pump. These cases fit like a glove to these devices and give complete access to all controls and keys. They come in so many colors, and designs which allows me to style my client for almost any look. Now she doesn’t have to worry about carrying mismatched insulin pump or worry about scratches and makeup on her devices.

We both absolutely love Sugar Medical’s silicone cases!

“With these stylish silicone gel skins, I no longer care if my insulin pump is showing ‘” she said.

If I had to speak for myself these silicone cases have saved my last photo shoot. thanks to Sugar Medical. I have since recommended Sugar Medical to several of my friends who have diabetes and even my mom! They all love how many options that Sugar Medical offers in bags and those great silicone gel skin covers!

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