Hitting the Gym with Your Diabetes Supplies

   One of the best ways for people with diabetes to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to exercise. This can help lower your A1C, burn sugar more quickly, keep your muscles moving, and can provide so many other benefits. But how do you bring all your supplies to the gym with you? If you’re like me, you already have a bottle of water, headphones, your phone, and keys with you, and now you need to bring your diabetes supplies and snacks along as well. This can feel like such a task and the hardest part of going to the gym shouldn’t be packing to get there!

     That’s why I love using the Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack. I feel like this bag is the perfect gym bag and it has specific compartments for diabetes supplies which is an added bonus! This bag has two 16 oz water bottle pockets, one on each side, to hold your water, juice or protein shake. It also has a pocket for your keys and phone so they don’t get lost in your bag. There is plenty of room to hold a testing kit, snacks, Glucose SOS, and more. Not to mention, the bag is insulated, which will keep your snacks and drinks cool while you exercise when you pack an ice pack.

     I also love the sling style of this backpack. It makes carrying it to the gym for a quick workout or packing it to go on a hike so much easier. It is a stress-free way to ensure you have all the supplies you need, without feeling like you’ve got extra weight to carry around. Before your next hike or gym class, make sure you bring your Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack with you! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

By: Amy Powell, living with T1D since 2009

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