Here’s why I LOVE my FreeStyle Libre…

My Freestyle Libre has been an absolute game changer in the way I manage my Type 1 Diabetes. When I was first diagnosed, I had no health insurance and had to use a good old blood glucose meter and lancing device from Walmart.

Pricking my fingers so many times throughout the day, never knowing which direction it was headed or where it had been since I had last checked. It was hard to prevent low blood sugars and hard to catch the highs.

My first experience with inserting the FreeStyle Libre was nerve wracking! It took several minutes before finally working up the courage to do so, but once I did, I quickly realized how painless and easy it was.

I now have been using the Libre for 3 years and cannot imagine my daily life without it. It has so many features (like the arrows and graphs) that make a huge difference in managing my T1D.

Not only has it helped with better control overall, it has relieved so much stress and worry about my blood sugar. Never looking back!

Here’s why I LOVE my FreeStyle Libre…

Checkout these cool gel skins that keep the FreeStyle Libre reader protected (and come in so many fun color options)!

FreeStyle Libre Gel Skins

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