Gift Guide for Diabetic Kids & Young Adults

Kids and young adults newly diagnosed with diabetes have a lot to learn and a lot to manage in a fairly short amount of time. There is a steep learning curve and they can use all the help and support they can get. If you have a child or teenager that is managing diabetes in your life, there are a few different gifts that can help them and their caregivers manage some of the challenges they face and brighten their day! 

Young girl and mom learning how to manage diabetes Young women getting ready to test blood sugar levels


Educational Diabetes Gifts for Kids 

Educational gifts can be a great way to help children with diabetes learn more about their condition, as well as how to manage it effectively.

Books on Diabetes Education

There are many books available that are specifically designed to help children understand diabetes and how to manage it. Some books use fun characters and stories to make the information more engaging and relatable to kids.

Blood Glucose Meters with Games or Apps

Some blood glucose meters come with games or apps that help educate children about diabetes management. For example, some apps include quizzes, educational videos, or virtual pets that children can care for by monitoring their blood sugar levels.

Subscription to Diabetes Magazines or Newsletters

There are several magazines and newsletters that focus on diabetes management, which can be a great way to stay informed about new research, treatment options, and lifestyle tips. Subscribing to these publications can be a great way to keep children engaged and motivated in managing their condition.

Cooking or Nutrition Classes

Cooking or nutrition classes can be a great way to help children learn more about how to make healthy choices and manage their diabetes through diet. These classes can be offered in-person or online, and can be tailored to the child's age and skill level.

Diabetes Camps or Workshops

Diabetes camps or workshops can be a great way for children to learn more about their condition in a supportive and fun environment. These programs often include educational sessions, games, activities, and social events, all of which can help children feel more confident in managing their diabetes.

Diabetes Medical ID Bracelets

There are several companies that make medical ID bracelets for kids and young adults. You can find leather bands, metal bands, silicone bands  and elastic bands in a wide variety of colors and designs. 


Diabetes Friendly Entertainment Gifts

Entertainment gifts can be a great way to help children with diabetes enjoy themselves while also promoting healthy habits and managing their health.

Board Games or Card Games

Board games or card games that do not involve sugary snacks or drinks can be a great way to entertain kids with diabetes. Games that involve physical activity, like Twister or Simon Says, can also be a fun way to promote exercise and help keep blood sugar levels stable.

Art or Craft Supplies

Art or craft supplies can be a great way to encourage creativity and self-expression in kids with diabetes. Creative projects can also provide a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem, which can be especially important for children who may feel different from their peers due to their medical condition.

Movie or Music Streaming Services

Movie or music streaming services can provide hours of entertainment for kids with diabetes. Music can be a great way to promote physical activity, while movies can provide a fun distraction during blood sugar monitoring or insulin injections.

Notebooks & Journals

Notebooks for journaling that can help them navigate their thoughts and feelings in relation to their diabetes diagnosis.

Diabetes Awareness Swag

Stickers or diabetes supply bag charms and other fun diabetes awareness swag can help kids and young adults show their personality!






Sports & Active Lifestyle Gifts for Kids & Young Adults 

Sports and active lifestyle gifts can be a great way to help kids and young adults with diabetes stay active, healthy, and engaged in life.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment, like soccer balls, basketballs, tennis rackets, or frisbees, can be a great way to encourage physical activity in kids with diabetes. Physical activity can help improve blood sugar control and overall health.

Fitness Tracker or Smartwatch

A fitness tracker or smartwatch can help kids with diabetes track their physical activity, monitor their heart rate, and set goals for themselves. Some fitness trackers also include features like step tracking, sleep tracking, and calorie tracking, which can help kids maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Pump Waist Belts 

For kids and young adults that need an insulin pump, athletics and outdoor activities can be a challenge. Having a comfortable diabetes pump bag that does not hold them back or get in the way of their activity can make all the difference. 




The Kids’ SPIbelt® is perfect for active children who need to carry medical supplies such as insulin pumps, inhalers, EpiPen®, or CGMs (continuous glucose monitoring systems). The Kids’ SPIbelt holds insulin pumps close to the body without tangling or bouncing. Every Kids’ SPIbelt can securely and comfortably accommodate cords and infusion tubing through a reinforced pass-through hole. The pass-through hole is discretely placed behind the pocket to allow infusion tubing to feed through the patented pouch design. SPIbelt won’t ride or shift while participating in vigorous activities.

Youth of all ages can enjoy this adjustable fanny pack. Fits waist size 18″ through 24″.  Our diabetic accessory averagely fits 2 years old to 10 years old.

Diabetes Management Gifts 

Another great gift option is items that will help kids manage their diabetes more easily. This can be anything from apps on a phone to a quality diabetes supply bag that allows them to store and manage everything they will need throughout the day, no matter where they are. 

Mobile Apps

There are many mobile apps available that can be helpful for diabetic children and their caregivers. These apps can be used to track blood sugar levels, monitor food intake, and provide educational resources and support. Some apps also have features like reminders for medication and appointments.

Diabetes Supply Bags 

Diabetes supply bags are specially designed bags or cases that are used to store and carry diabetes supplies like glucose meters, test strips, lancets, insulin pens, and syringes. They provide many benefits including: organization, protection, personalization, convenience and peace of mind. 




Designed with adventure in mind, this compact backpack holds all your daily diabetes essentials with plenty of room for personal items. Never miss out on an opportunity for fun or worry about how to carry your supplies!

  • Fully insulated compact design
  • Holds glucose testing kit, glucagon, and snacks
  • Pockets for keys and phone
  • Mesh pockets for 16 oz water bottle
  • Adjustable strap extends from 22”- 44.5” in
  • 11" X 15" X 3"

You can also create a diabetes gift box that incorporates a few different smaller gift ideas from above and some low sugar chocolates and snacks. When selecting candy or food options, caregivers should look for sugar-free or low-carb options, or make sure the child knows how to appropriately manage their blood sugar levels after consuming the item. 

It's important to note that when selecting gifts for children with diabetes, caregivers should consider the child's age, interests, and specific medical needs. Sugar Medical has a wide variety of stylish and fun supply bags that make great gifts for kids and young adults living with diabetes. Check out more diabetes gift ideas to find the perfect gift for your family and friends managing diabetes.

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