Getaway with T1D

Packing for a trip is always the worst part… but packing for a trip with Type 1 Diabetes is even more of a hassle. It is hard enough to remember everything you need to bring without having T1D!
When my friends and I rented a cabin for a weekend hiking trip, I knew I needed to pack… a lot. Not only did I need the usual clothing, shoes, toiletries, food; I also needed diabetic supplies like insulin, my glucose meter, test strips, lancets, extra Omnipods for site changes, back up supplies in case of a pump failure, emergency sugar in case of lows… It takes a lot to keep a type 1 diabetic going!
Finding the right way to pack and carry all these supplies is important. Not only are these supplies expensive, but they are also fragile and need to be protected from potential damage from drops or even weather. That is where my Insulated Travel Bag and Insulated Sling Backpack really shined.
Diabetes Insulated Travel Bag with diabetes supplies
The Insulated Travel Bag held every single one of my diabetic supplies perfectly. Keeping them completely organized with its many pockets, easy to access and protected from damage and heat.
Diabetes Insulated Sling Backpack with diabetes supplies
My Insulated Sling Backpack was the perfect thing to bring along to the parks. I fit everything I needed for my hike; backup supplies, PDM, Libre reader, snacks, water, glucagon, and still had room for extras.
These two diabetic supply bags were certainly a game changer and made my weekend away with friends so much more enjoyable!


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