Fashionable & Functional Diabetic Bags

Have you ever thought of using your diabetes supply bag to make a fashion statement? Perhaps you are one of the many that use basic zipper bags or utility style bags to carry all of your much needed supplies with you wherever you go. You may not have considered using any other kind of bag or known that other bags were even an option. Your diabetic bag does not have to make you stand out and feel different. There are a few different styles of bags that look and wear like a traditional purse. You can have a fashionable and functional diabetic supply bag! 

Selecting a Fun Diabetic Bag 

If you have been managing diabetes for a while you may already know what to look for in a supply case or bag. What you may not know is what to look for when you are deciding on a fashionable supply bag for special outings. There are a couple of extra things to consider when choosing your fun diabetes supply bag. 

Expected Use

The type of outing and the time of day of the outing will affect your unique diabetic supply needs. Morning outings, afternoon outings and evening outings will all require slightly different supplies. If going out to eat is not expected or planned, your supply bag will need to have additional room for snacks. 

Bag Size

The size of your bag will depend on the type of supplies you need to pack and how much of them you need to pack. If you plan on being out for a longer period of time, you may need a larger bag. Once you have determined what your plans are and allow for backup and emergency supplies, you can determine what size bag you need to carry everything. 

Bag Style

Filtering out bags that are too large and too small will help you narrow down what style you prefer. From crossbody purses to cute handheld clutches, there’s a wide variety of styles you can choose from. If you are headed out for dinner reservations, a clutch may be your best bet. If you are going shopping, bowling, painting or any other activity that requires frequent use of your hands, a crossbody purse will do nicely!

Color & Pattern

You may go for a classic simple black diabetic purse that will match with almost anything you wear, or you may pick a vibrant clutch popping with color. This all depends on your wardrobe and your unique tastes and preference. 

Materials Used

Diabetic bags are made from a wide range of materials. Consider whether or not you’re looking for a bag that is more durable and can hold up over many many uses or if you just plan on using it for special occasions a few times a year. Some materials like non rip canvas are more durable than others. 

Finishing Details 

It’s all in the details! For durability, look for high quality closures (zippers, clasps) and reinforced stitching. Some finishings add a bit of extra flair to the piece. You may love the bag and color but the final finishings may not be for you. 

Sugar Medical’s Top Picks For Diabetes Bags

All of our bags come in a variety of colors or designs. Each one of these bags is perfect for an adventurous outing during the day or at night. 

Heritage Diabetes Supply Case

  • Lux exterior in vegan pebbled leather
  • Roomy mesh pocket for pen tips, Tandem infusion set, and more
  • Adjustable pocket with drawstring closure for insulin vial or for 1-2 insulin pens
  • Patent pending trash can removable pouch
  • Fits all glucose meters- adheres into case with adhesive Velcro patch
  • 7.5” W x 5” H x 1.75” D
  • Note- does not work with the Omnipod DASH or Omnipod 5 systems

Diabetes Triple Zip Purse

  • Insulated back section
  • Secure glucose meter with provided Velcro patch
  • Convenient left and right-handed test strip loop- you choose
  • Test Strip Trash Can- holds up to 400+ used strips
  • Pocket for 2+ insulin pens, glucose tabs, or pump supplies
  • Front pocket for alcohol swabs, medications, and more
  • Back pocket for cell phone
  • Includes detachable purse strap
  • Fits Omnipod®, Medtronic®, and Tandem® pump supplies

Diabetes Canvas Bags 

  • Made of non-rip canvas material that won’t tear easily
  • Space for syringes, insulin pens, pump supplies, low snacks, etc
  • Lightly padded
  • Interior pocket 
  • Multiple fun designs 

Why stop with your supply bag? Dress up your medical devices with medical device fashion stickers  and add a bit of personality with a diabetes supply case charm. Carrying your supplies doesn't have to feel “boring'' when going out for a day of fun with friends or a night out on the town. Just like any other accessory, your supply bag can help jazz up your outfit of choice. Sugar Medical has fun, trending styles and designs to fit every style and mood!

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