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 As a Type 1 Diabetic low blood sugars are inevitable. They tend to show up at the worst possible places in the worst possible moments. I’ve had some in the middle of exams, while driving, and of course while exercising. One of the most embarrassing times for me was ironically enough, at the doctor’s office. 

     A few years ago I went to an urgent care clinic for strep throat. I was feeling really bad and had a sore throat, but as I was sitting in the room waiting for test results, I started to feel worse. I pulled out my Omnipod meter and tested my blood sugar, which was low. No big deal, except for the fact that the only thing I had to bring it up was a juice, all the way in my car. Of course I can’t get up and just walk out, so I went and told one of the nurses. She quickly reacts and goes to grab a can of Coke out of the nurses’ break room. 

     So I’m sitting there, minding my own business, sipping on my Coke, when the doctor walks in. Now normally this wouldn’t be super embarrassing, except for the nurse included in my chart about the low blood sugar. The doctor thought I had come to urgent care for a low blood sugar, as someone who had been a Diabetic for over 10 years! I then had to explain that I came in for a completely different reason, and the low blood sugar while I was there was a complete coincidence. Funny enough, the doctor eventually examined my throat and compared the redness of my throat to the Coke can I was drinking out of. Everyone got a good laugh and I got a fun story out of that day, along with a free Coke!


 By: Amy Powell, living with T1D since 2009

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