Diabetes Travel- Best Bag for Traveling

Planning a trip is always fun and exciting but planning what to pack when you are diabetic can be stressful. These common questions come to mind. Did I pack everything? Can I keep my insulin cool? How will I carry my supplies through the airport?

I have learned over the past 32 years that staying organized eases the stress of traveling with diabetes. In my early years, I was a fan of packing my supplies in multiple small bags- one for glucose testing supplies, one for pump supplies, one for tapes and alcohol swabs, and so on! But after several encounters when one of those little bags got left behind, I realized I was packing all wrong! My worst experience was a trip to Mexico for a girls’ weekend. Which little bag did I leave behind?? Well, this time it was my CGM supplies that got left behind. Bummer! I now could not rely on my glucose sensor to send me my glucose readings all day, and I had to go old school and test my blood every few hours. This made my relaxing girls’ weekend not so relaxing since I was constantly worrying about my blood sugar.

Since then, I have made traveling with diabetes easier using just one larger bag. After trying many and learning what features I liked and not, I designed my own travel bag, which you can now purchase on sugarmedical.com.

I love our Diabetes Insulated Travel Bag because it keeps me organized with all my supplies in one place. It expands to 5+ inches deep, so I can bring everything I need (even my bulky pump supplies.) It’s fitted with elastic loops and pockets to safely store my insulin vials and test strips, and pockets for back-up insulin pens. The divider wall separates my daily supplies from my “ever-so-often” supplies, which I love. That means I do not have to dig around looking for something I use all the time. My favorite feature, especially when traveling in the summer, is the insulated pockets for ice packs on the front and back of the bag. Since they zip closed and are on the outside of the bag, perspiration from the ice packs will not leak all over my supplies. And if I don’t need ice packs, I can use the two big pockets to carry extra supplies. The shoulder strap makes it super easy to carry through the airport and breeze through security. (Well, typically I am running late, so I’m probably running through the airport, but it’s still easy to carry!) Now, let us talk fashion! Other diabetes travel bags are only available in the boring black color and scream “medical!” Our insulated travel bags come in fun prints like Llamas and Poppies. Have fun with your diabetes travel bag and show a bit of your personality!


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