Diabetes Stocking Stuffer Ideas

As you’re writing out the Christmas gift lists this year, don’t forget about the stockings! Sometimes the little things are the most appreciated.
Stockings have been one of my favorite things to open on Christmas day. We would open them last, but not because they weren’t as good! My parents always made sure to fill our stockings with lots of little things that were meaningful and useful. And sometimes some yummy sweets, too…
Diabetes Stocking Stuffer Ideas
If you’re stuck on what to fill your diabetics stocking with, here’s some fun ideas!
  1. Insulin Vial Protective Sleeves – these come in SO many fun colors and are super helpful with keeping your insulin safe.
  2. Gel Skins for Devices – whether for your insulin pump or glucose scanner, gel skins are perfect for saving your medical devices from drops.
  3. Canvas Supply Bags – fun sayings and the perfect size for on the go. Fill your bag with your daily essentials or back up supplies and hit the road!
  4. Medical Device Stickers – how BORING are insulin pumps and sensors?! Stickers and adhesives are the perfect option for adding some FUN into diabetes.
Find these and more HERE!

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