Diabetes Gift Sets

Gift sets are the perfect option if you’re unsure of what to buy for someone, or if you are struggling to pick just one thing.Make shopping easier: Pick out a gift set filled with items that you know they will love! 
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Our diabetes gift sets have all the best items to help keep supplies organized and make life with diabetes just a little bit easier. Some products included are Supply Cases, Insulated Backpacks and Organizers specially designed for those who have diabetes; perfect for storing daily supplies safely in one place. Other items are Silicone Insulin Vial Sleeves for protecting insulin from shattering if dropped, Dia-Wipes Finger Testing Wipes for cleaning hands when testing on the go, and Glucose SOS Fast-Absorbing Glucose Powder for treating low blood sugars. 
There are several Gift Sets to choose from, varying by products, color and price. Accessory Gift Sets are a great choice for those newly diagnosed with diabetes. Insulated Backpack gift sets will make any diabetic traveler smile. Insulated Organizer gift sets are perfect for diabetics who like to carry extra supplies. All the Gift Sets feature products with vibrant colors and unique prints for diabetics who want to express their style and have a little fun.
Gifting stylish, functional diabetic accessories is a great way to help support family and friends that have diabetes. 
Check out these options and more HERE!


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