Diabetes Gift Ideas for Dad

Tools, ties, wallets and sports memorabilia, all great go-to gifts for the fathers in our lives; however sometimes they become so mundane, or they just don’t have that special touch we might want with a gift. If you’re looking to change things up this year and surprise dad with something a bit more personable, here is a guide to give you some spectacular ideas!
Diabetes Gift Ideas for Dad
  1. Insulated Diabetes Organizer this bag is great for when you need just a little bit more space to carry all your basic diabetes supplies. And of course, insulated, to protect your insulin!
  2. Diabetes Supply Case II is perfect for light carrying and is the perfect size to carry in your hand or slip into a backpack.
  3. Insulated Sling Backpack is great for those dads who are on the go a lot. There is plenty of room to organize all your daily supplies and more, plus the insulated back compartment keeps insulin safe.
  4. Gel Skins are perfect for adding a bit of fun to diabetes, while protecting your medical devices from slipping or dropping.
  5. Diabetes Insulated Travel Bag is just what your dad needs if he travels a lot. This bag has TONS of room for your daily supplies as well as backups and is easy to carry with its top handle and long strap.
  6. Diabetic SPIbelt is extremely convenient for daily life with its small design and elastic waist band. It is a great option for those dads who have a more active lifestyle.
  7. OmniPod Supply Case is the best for organizing all your extra pod supplies and necessities throughout the day. 
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