Changing How Glucose Meter Cases Look Today

Blood sugar monitoring and management is one of the core requirements in any diabetes treatment. Doctors always recommend diabetics to use blood glucose meters to monitor their blood sugar levels, which may get affected by different factors like stress, food, lifestyle, and so on. A blood glucose meter helps diabetics to monitor their sugar level and keep it under control. If you ask a diabetic, most of them would admit that they don’t leave home without these small devices. Although glucose meters are fairly small, most people still find it difficult to carry them in their bags or pockets. This is one of the reasons why many are discouraged to carry them. Sugar Medical has been helping such people manage their blood sugar levels easily by creating a variety of functional cases to carry all of their supplies. Below are a few customers who shared why they love their case from Sugar Medical.

Shannon Dirk

I was diagnosed with diabetes at 18 and have never left home without my blood glucose meter and key supplies. For some reason I have always keep my diabetes a secret from my friends and co-workers. I was never comfortable discussing my condition with anyone and didn’t wanted to be treated differently. In 2018, during an office trip, my zip lock bag with my glucose meter accidently spilled out of my purse, which is when some people noticed it and asked me about it. Although embaraased, I was surprised to learn my co-worked Jonathan said he was also diabetic! I never knew but did notice he always carried this larger wallet with him everywhere. He explained what I thought was his wallet was actually his diabetes case. He kept his insulin pens, glucose meter, and other supplies all together, and he carried his ID, credit cards, and money inside it too. I never thought it was a medical bag! Taking his advice, I hit the website and ordered a glucose meter case for myself. The case was beautiful yet functional, and I even found one in pink my favorite color. Now I throw my case in purse and no is the wiser that it is my diabetes supply case. I have actually bought a few and change them out seasonally. I guess that’s a girl thing to do, but I love it.

Jeremiah J

Let me start by congratulating the team at Sugar Medical. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2019 and have been advised to carry my glucose meter wherever I go. At first, I avoided it because I was worried about how to manage it without getting noticed. I am a very private person and do not want others to speculate about me or having diabetes. This is when I read about diabetes supply cases from Sugar Medical. I ordered two such cases from them – one with a plain design and a larger one for hikes that is insulated. These cases can not only hold my glucose meter but all essential diabetes supplies including glucose tabs, medications, insulin vials, and more. I have really enjoyed them and it makes it easier to carry everything without calling attention to it.

The Team @ Sugar Medical

We believe kind words and honest reviews of customers like Jeremiah and Shannon drive us to innovate and improve our products further. Sugar Medical works with a sole mission to bring style and quality into lives of people suffering from diabetes. We’d love to hear your reviews too! You can also shop our great assortment of cases at This page brings you one of the best selection of glucose meter cases online.

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