Beach Vacation

Last week my family and I visited Cocoa Beach, Florida for a few days. It was a perfect end to my first year of teaching and a great way to start the summer. Traveling to the beach used to always be such a hassle for me as a diabetic. It was such a pain to bring all of the supplies, snacks, and drinks I needed to the beach without losing anything. Thankfully, Sugar Medical had the perfect solution for me!

I chose to bring the Diabetes Supply Case II with me. There were several options for colors, but I fell in love with the watermelon print. I love how bright and summery it was and I also love the color pink, so it was an easy choice. And, the best part was how easily all of my supplies fit into the bag. I can neatly organize all of the supplies I need for a day at the beach. It can even fit an extra pod which is key for me since I am an Omnipod pump user. When I am at the beach  I’m always in the water and worry my pod will come off, so I like to keep an extra one with me. My favorite feature of this bag is the fact that it lays flat when I test my blood. This makes checking my blood sugar on the beach so much easier.

I also chose to bring an Insulin Vial Protective Silicone Sleeve with me. This allows me to toss my vial of insulin into the cooler with my drinks and snacks, without worrying about the vial breaking. This is an absolute lifesaver while lugging a bunch of stuff down to the beach!

The beach is such a relaxing place to spend time by yourself or with friends and family. Worrying about how you will bring all of your diabetes supplies with you should be the last thing on your mind. With this Diabetes Supply Case and the Insulin Vial Protective Silicone Sleeves, you can have a little more peace of mind while at the beach. Check them out and see all the great colors Sugar Medical offers.

By: Amy Powell, living with T1D since 2009

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