Back to School with T1D

Heading back to school on its own can feel a bit chaotic with trying to buy all the necessary supplies, getting everything organized and ready to go. Add in type 1 diabetes and it brings a whole other element of chaos and feeling overwhelmed!

Maggie and her dog on vacation with her diabetic supplies

As a Mom, I know what it’s like trying to get everything in order for the school year, and as someone with T1D, I know what it is like trying to manage it through everyday life. However, I haven’t had to experience sending a child, who has type 1 diabetes, back to school and feeling the stress of what that may be like as a parent.

I had the opportunity to chat with a wonderful Mom (Emily), who has had to go through the back to school process as a mother of a T1D (Maggie). She gave some great insight into what it’s like to deal with and some things that may help others prepare.

When asking Emily what some of the steps are, she said one of the first things they do is set up a meeting, “we meet towards the end of summer to set up a 504 plan, which is a medical guideline that school staff are required to follow”. Emily also added that “the 504 plan is helpful in that if a T1D kid is high or low, they are allowed extra time for tests, assessments, etc.”.

Some other things that Emily does to prepare is supply boxes for the nurse’s office and classrooms with low treatments, snacks, ketone meter/strips, glucose meter/strips, extra pump supplies, glucagon, and so on.

Carb counting is essential for those with type 1 diabetes, and that is something that Emily does for Maggie’s lunch each day. She will count and write a note with the total carbs needed to bolus for, which the nurse helps Maggie with before lunchtime and recess.

As far as the big question I really wondered, how do you mentally prepare for such an overwhelming, and I’m sure worrisome, feat? Emily shared that “it’s tough. It’s a big step. It’s putting trust into someone else to care for your high maintenance child. Yes, they are capable and responsible adults, but it’s a big deal and super hard to let go at first”. She did add that “our nursing staff is wonderful and helps put my mind at ease”.

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Maggie and her mom with her diabetes supplies

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