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These bags are exclusively designed to fit the OmniPod PDM.
If using another type of glucose meter, please see our Universal Supply Bag

*If you have any questions about what Sugar Medical product will best fit your meter, please email us at info@sugarmedical.com

Omnipod Bags

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OmniPod Plus Bags

  • Designed for use with OmniPod's PDM or larger glucose meters
  • Velcro secures PDM or glucose meter into bag quick and easy
  • Front pocket fits ID card, photo, cellphone or Dexcom receiver
  • Elastic loops for lancing device, test strips, insulin vial and batteries
  • New Omni Gel Skin designed specifically for Omni Plus bags (check out Omni Gel Skins on our website!) 
Geo Plus
36.99 $36.99
Emily Plus
36.99 $36.99
Summit Plus
36.99 $36.99
Cora Plus
36.99 $36.99
Blaze Plus
36.99 $36.99

OmniPod Gel Skins- for OmniPod Plus bags

  • Protects OmniPod's PDM

  • Open in back for Velcro patch

  • Only fits in the Omni Plus line of bags

  • Will not fit in OmniPod original bag 

Omni Gel Skins
Black Gel Skin

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