Q has been using a Sugar Medical Supply pouch to carry her insulin pump PDM for quite a while. She was so happy to see that one of their latest designs comes in her favrite color combo: black, pink, and white. I just had to laugh because the day that her new pouch arrived she was wearing a dress that was black with white polka dots and pink trim…just like her new pouch!

The company has expanded their line of diabetes accessories beyond glucose meter cases and Omnipod PDM cases. They now have an insulin pump and DexCom pouch with an adjustable belt and a clear window. It can also be worn attached to a belt loop or bag using the carabiner or threaded directly onto your own belt.


Q usually chooses girly prints and colors for her diabetes accessories, but Sugar Medical has a big variety of more masculine prints and color combinations. The pump/CGM pouch is also available in blue.

You can purchase the PDM case and insulin pump and DexCom pouch from the Sugar Medical Supply website.