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Blue Chevron

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- designed exclusively for use with OmniPod PDM

- plush design and clear vinyl strap secures PDM, not designed to be used with a Gel Skin

- mesh pocket holds extra pod or other supplies

- 3 elastic loops for lancing device, test strips, insulin vial

- front pocket fits ID card, photo, cellphone or Dexcom receiver

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This chic chevron stripe design has a matching wrist strap, and a bright orange zipper and interior lining .  This is an exclusive bag for Omni Pod users.  Fits new generation PDM and prior model PDM's.

Constructed out of durable, easy to clean polyester, this padded bag is built to last.  It measures 7 inches long by 5 1/2 inches wide when zipped closed. 

The bag features a large clear vinyl piece that securely wraps around your PDM.  Extra loops can be used for test strips, lancing device, insulin vials, and batteries.  This bag has a large zippered pocket on the interior that can be used for an extra "pod", log book, ID cards, or snacks.  Another slip pocket is located behind the mesh zippered pocket which is great for ID cards, log book, or alcohol swabs.

Plush design and vinyl clear strap secure PDM, not designed to be used with a Gel Skin.

The exterior front pocket features a clear window designed to fit the Dexcom receiver, cell phone, log book,  ID cards, or photos and closes with Velcro.

 **This bag is only designed for Omni Pod users and will not fit other glucose meters.