Shelley, living with diabetes since 1994

Type 1 Diabetes

Not all endocrinologists are there for your best interest. They should be but they are not. If you feel like they’re not helping you get your A1C to where it should be, not listening to you when you tell them this isn’t working for you even though you tried it the way they told you, giving you a one size fits all advice ( it works for this person so it’s going to work for you), or either telling you if you don’t do this my way something bad is going to happen to you, RUN! Find one that’s going to listen to you. You know your body better than anyone else so listen to it when it tells you this isn’t working out. Your doctor should be on the same page as you with trying to get you to feel as normal as possible and willing to listen to you if the thing they wanted you to try is working (medication, insulin pump (there are many to choose from and you will find one that works for you), etc). Your endocrinologist should be your best friend and willing to help you anyway they can. This advice comes from someone who has had type 1 for eight years old and is now in their mid-thirties. I had a phenomenal doctor growing up but once I was an adult, not so much. What works for someone who is type 2 doesn’t work for some who is type 1 and vice versa. You are your best advocate! Always remember that! Also, it’s always great having family and friends in your corner supporting and backing you up when you go to these appointments saying this isn’t working, what do we need to do now. I felt like this was something extremely important that needed to be said only because it was never said to me, and I had to find this out the hard way. Always remember you have a whole community in your corner and if you need help, just ask. I wish you all the best and I hope you make some amazing friends on your journey.

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