Marcie, living with diabetes since 2008

Type 1 Diabetes

1) carb count and pre boules everything that goes in your mouth
2) get on a CGM, yesterday! You will have more restful nights and use the follow app to have others help support your safety.
3) Sugarmate app: this will hook up to your CGM numbers and you can set up a phone call for your sever lows or nighttime lows. This was a game changer for sleep too
4) work on time in range and your A1c will follow
5) learn your specific avoid foods and modify them. Only have them on special occasions or have them in very small portions. Avoid them at night.
6) join T1 groups on Facebook for lots of support and tips and tricks.
7) meet local T1Ds and become friends. There is no bond like that within this amazing community

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