Deborah, living with diabetes since 1962

Type 1 Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes can feel pretty daunting. There's a lot to adjust to and learn about but maintaining good control will help you feel better and reduce risks of complications. We're lucky there's so much useful technology literally at our fingertips that makes an enormous difference like CGM's and insulin pumps. It helps to have a team to work with that includes your endocrinologist, diabetes educator, nurse practitioner and nutritionist who can guide you through the complexities of good management. It really does become easier with time as you apply what you're learning and feel more confident. It's also fine to ask for counseling and therapy as you adjust to this considerable life change. Support groups are great too! Remember you're not alone and there's plenty of help to get you through this.  You can find great resources through the Joslin Diabetes Center and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation for Type 1 too.

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