Coral, living with diabetes since 2016

Type 1 Diabetes

As a fierce advocate and her main caregiver, I can only be honest about T1d: It's a butthole of a disease. Learn as much as you can from *credible* medical resources and quickly (hence why I started an info blog to help other T1dfamilies). Find/speak with an endocrinologist and DNE who truly support you the way you need them to - same goes for any "friends" or family members. There will be many who will not ever understand this chronic autoimmune disease unless it affects them directly. Keep those who make the effort to learn and support you near to your hearts. If one day goes bad, balance it out with the next and the next. T1d is a relentless marathon. Fuel up with proper nutrition, stay hydrated, learn how to manage sick days, school, etc. Get a pre-auth for a cgm and/or pump that fits your lifestyle and financial needs. Keep striving to thrive! Knowledge is power.

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